Why Does My Cat Lick Me Every Morning


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Cats are creatures of habit, and their morning routine often involves a series of behaviour that establish a sense of connection and familiarity with their owners. Among these behaviour, the act of licking is a particularly intriguing one.

Cats are undeniably cute, but there are some things about them that are downright maddening.  When first waking up in the morning, Purrsy might seem to randomly pick a spot on your face and slather it with her tongue.  This usually occurs while trying to sleep and, while doing so, she’ll lick your face for minutes at a time, and then keep going even after you wake up.

Your cat might be grooming you just like a mother cat would groom her kittens. A cat’s tongue is rough; one of the reasons cats’ tongues are rough to help them groom themselves—they have tiny little spines which are great at getting out tangles and removing matted fur. If you feel a little nip while your cat is licking you, don’t worry.

  1. Affection: Licking is a common way for cats to show affection. Your cat may be expressing love and bonding with you through this behaviour. Morning licks could be their way of saying “good morning” and strengthening your bond.
  2. Grooming: Cats are naturally clean animals, and they groom themselves regularly. When your cat licks you, they might be trying to groom you as if you were another member of their social group. It’s a sign of acceptance and inclusion.
  3. Marking Territory: Cats have scent glands on their tongues and may use licking to mark their territory. By licking you, they leave their scent on you, which can be a way of claiming you as part of their territory.
  4. Request for Attention: If your cat licks you in the morning, they might be seeking attention or food. Cats often learn that certain behaviours, like licking, can get them the attention they desire, so they might do it to wake you up and interact with them.
  5. Routine Behaviour: Cats are creatures of habit. If your cat has developed a routine of licking you in the morning, it could simply be a behaviour they’ve learned over time. Cats often thrive on routines and rituals.

Cats are instinctively self-cleaning/grooming animals. These cleaning behaviour stem from immediately after birth. Mother cats clean their kittens from the moment they are born. Doing so has many functions. It removes the effluence which accompanies labour, it keeps them clean, it stimulates defecation and it keeps them warm.

Why Does My Cat Lick Me Then Bite Me?

Or maybe your cat bites then licks you? Whichever way around your cat displays these behaviour, the explanation is similar. Your cat may be showing you they don’t harm or they may be asking you to stop what you’re doing.

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Overall, morning licking by your cat is generally a positive sign of their affection and attachment to you. However, if it becomes bothersome or unusual, it’s important to monitor their behaviour and seek advice from a vet if necessary.



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